refrigeration air conditioning highlands and islands
refrigeration air conditioning highlands and islands

heat pumps highlands and islands     

  • refrigeration

    our commercial refrigeration experts have a wealth of experience in the refrigeration problems and challenges facing your business or organisation, so why not make use of it?
  • our service fleet

    provides both scheduled maintenance / service cover as well as emergancy call out 24 /7 - turning your cooling, refrigeration or heat pump problems into solutions.
  • air conditioning

    today's buildings call for conditoned air - as do it's occupants. Network Refrigeration keeps you cool - when the going gets hot.
  • air conditioning

    acu large or small we work on them all - when the going gets hot - we keep you cool.
  • heat pumps

    are THE environmental way to heat your home or business and at the same time reduce running costs.
  • get more out

    make use of the natural heat source in the environment and at the same time help save that environment.
  • save 30%

    ...enough said?
  • our team

    are at your disposal, 24 hours, 7 days a week thoughout the year to help turn your cooling, refrigeration or heat pump problems into solutions, all you have to do is call.





REFRIGERATION - Commercial Refrigeration units fitted and maintained across the Highlands.

  For companies which depend upon refrigeration units, it's important to have a provider which you can depend on.
  Comprehensive High quality service
  At Network Refrigeration & Air Conditioning we
offer a comprehensive service to ensure your refrigeration units are the best they can be.


With full maintenance contracts and a full 12 month guarantee on all parts fitted, you can be sure that our refrigeration engineers are giving you a high-quality service. All of our engineers are registered with REFCOM and are registered refrigerant handlers.
  Our refrigeration system services include:
Refrigeration unit fitting
Commercial refrigeration breakdowns & repairs
Refrigeration system maintenance contacts

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624 050 774